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March 30, 2020

Australian brand Impala's retro rollerskate success

Rollerskating was a hugely popular past-time dating back to the late 1930s, and due to the popular tv series Euphoria and the empowering roller derby scene has since seen a resurgence.

Australian brand Impala Skate was recently recommended by New York Times Magazineas a great affordable, entry-level rollerskate. Impala launched in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia by a team of girls passionate about creating rollerskates with a colourful and fun nod to styles and colourways of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The successful brand has grown rapidly with stockists throughout the world, including here at Empire Skate.

Impala has YouTube tips for new rollerskaters as a way to encourage and teach tricks to beginners.

Girl in pink Impala rollerskates

Image: Impala Rollerskate - Pink

A PETA approved rollerskate

Impala rollerskates are designed with synthetic vegan material approved by PETA. They are designed with an aluminum metal plate, hybrid wheels, and a fixed toe stop, making them a great rollerskate for dance moves or skating with your friends.

Girl carrying black Impala rollerskates

Image: Impala Rollerskater - Black

Supporting charities

Impala is part of the Globe brand which works with a number of charities including the National Forest Foundation (NFF) donating to their tree-planting program. Other causes and charities Impala supports are Dangerous Females (Australia)Sea Shepard (Australia)Decks for ChangeAustralians in Film (USA)Hermosa Beach Education Foundation (USA)GOOD WORLD POWER OF PEACE (USA)REACH (Australia), Dili Skatepark (East Timor),  Boarding for Breast Cancer (USA)Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (Australia)

Playful colour range

Impala rollerskates are known for their confident and joyful colour ranges, from candy pinks, pastels, neon greens to rose gold. There is also a great selection of contemporary prints include holographic, floral and leopard prints. Impala recently has collaborated with designers such as with American fashion designer Cynthia Rowley to create unique prints and designs. With such a wide selection of different colours and patterns, there is an Impala Rollerskate to fit everyone's personality and style.

Girl wearing Impala rollerskate Aqua

Image: Impala Rollerskates - Aqua

Impala holographic

Image: Impala Rollerskates - Holographic

Cythia Rowley Floral print Impala

Image: Impala Rollerskates - Cynthia Rowley Floral



Make sure you protect your knees and elbows with Impala Safety Pad Kit. It's available in both youth and adult sizes.

Impala Protection Kit

Impala Protective Kit available here







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