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Dickies Clothing

Dickies Clothing is tough. It comes from tough roots. Dickies was founded in Texas as a company that sold farm clothes and workwear to ranch hands and laborers around the Southwest of the United States. Growing through the years, fighting through the Great Depression, manufacturing millions of uniforms for Allied soldiers in World War Two, Dickies are made to be tough.

That’s why Dickies are the clothes of choice for everyone from mechanics, nurses and construction workers all the way to skateboarders, hikers and climbers.

Dickies are made to be worn, not just made to be looked at. Dickies t-shirts, Dickies pants, Dickies jackets—they’re not worn by fashion models on runways, they’re worn by airport workers on those runways. When you pull on your Dickies overalls you can work in a field or you can work out. When you put on a pair of Dickies pants, you’re ready for the nightlife or the nightshift.

Which is not to say Dickies don’t look good. They look good. They’re classic designs, styles that don’t go out of fashion because they are the fashion. You’re not going to see a lot of change in Dickies clothing year to year, no big release of what’s hot and what’s not. Instead, you’re going to get great-looking clothes, well-made, with a look that could have come off the work line five years ago or fifty years ago. When you are the definition of what looks good, you don’t need to change with the whims of the fashion magazines. The cops walking the beat in Dickies pants and the doctors running through an emergency room in Dickies scrubs don’t care about the fashion magazines. They care about getting the job done.

That’s why the Dickies logo is so prominent on everything they make: because it means something. When you have a pair of khakis you may not know whether they’ll last a month or a year, but if you have a pair of Dickies—you know they’re in it for the long haul. It’s what the Dickies label means. It means that the clothes you’re about to put on are strong, tough, durable. It means that you can push yourself to your limits because you don’t have to worry about your clothes letting you down. You’re not going to split a seam or unravel a hem because these are Dickies and they’re not made to fail.

Maybe you’re used to things costing an arm and a leg because you live in New Zealand, and you don’t expect to get your Dickies for a fair price when it has to ship all the way across the ocean. That’s where Empire Skate comes in. Empire is a New Zealand company, born and bred. When you’re ordering from Empire, you don’t need a surcharge and a long wait. Ordering your Dickies clothes in New Zealand is significantly faster than ordering them from anywhere else. No slow boats.

Plus, when you buy your Dickies clothes, shorts, caps, hoodies, jackets, and bags, you’ll get free shipping on orders over $99. Fast and cheap and quality. Who says you can’t have all three?

Check out Empire’s selection of Dickies. You’re sure to find something you like, something that’s tough, something that’s going to last you a lifetime. And we’ll get it to you fast and cheap.