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Yuto Horigome

January 1999




Yuto Horigome 堀米 雄斗 is Japanese professional skateboarder from Toyko. He started skating at seven years old. His father was a street skater and help teach Yuto to skate. Yuto trains in between Japan and USA (particular during the colder winter months). He has been part of the Blind Skateboards team (2015–19). Yuto joined April Skateboards in 2019, owned by pro skater Shane O'Neill.

Yuto Horigome is currently (as of July 30, 2019) ranked 2nd on the World Skate Ranking (Street) with 62,480 points. The ranking is currently topped by Nyjah Huston with 67,080 points.

Yuto Horigome

Thrasher magazine Yuto


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