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Harry "The Hammer" Luxton

Harry Luxton grew up in Wanaka and moved to Wellington to study design. He is a graphic and web design artist, and dabbles in illustration and lettering.
Harry's style is inspired by '80s heavy metal, skateboard graphics from all eras, and cheesy novelty shit like those Gone Fishin' stickers you see on beaten up
car bumpers. We stumbled upon Harry's design skills whilst he was cutting his teeth as a barista at the old Empire Skate Shop and Milk Bar in Wellington City.
Harry has been a keen skateboarder his whole life and still gets amongst it whenever he can.
Harry Luxton 50-50, photo by Beach Thurlow.
July 24, 2014 by Matt Wells

Carlos Patino

Carlos Patino is a graphic designer by trade and an illustrator by heart. We're not quite sure 
where he came from but believe it was from the depths of South America. He has a penchant
for writing kids' books, and has illustrated lots of creatures that feature on our decks. I'm not
sure I'll ever trust him 100% though. Would you trust anyone with five arms who writes books
about chickens?

July 22, 2014 by Matt Wells

Empire Decks by Carlos Patino

Empire Wood Co. deck and Empire Mega Pop Team deck.

Empire "Wood Hands" "3D Neon Hands" and "LBC Shark Bait" decks

July 22, 2014 by Matt Wells

Fryday Decks by Carlos Patino

Fryday Tylar Durden Series by Carlos Patino - These decks were released in 2011.

Fryday "Xray Series"

Fryday "Green Guy" deck and "Worms" deck also released 2011.

Fryday Price Point decks released 2011.

We released the Fryday "Blanket Man" deck in 2011. Unfortunately in 2012 Ben Hana
the "Blanket Man" died. We made a 2nd commemorative deck shortly after. This deck
is made in New Zealand and still available now.


July 22, 2014 by Matt Wells

Empire Letter Board Series by Harry Luxton

This five deck series by Harry Luxton was a fresh take on some retro cruiser shapes. 
With the explosion of retro cruisers in the last few years this was a somewhat satirical series based on them.


"The Letterboard series was inspired by 18th and 19th Century ornate typography and contrasted with bright colours and shapes reminiscent of alternative board shapes to the 'popsicle'." - Harry Luxton.

Letter series decks are Made in New Zealand and are available in sizes from 7.4" right up to a 9" fish symmetrical 
fish style pool deck.


July 22, 2014 by Matt Wells

Empire Woodring series by Harry Luxton

Empire Woodring series released in December 2013.

Decks available in sizes 7.5", 7.625", 8", 8.125" and 8.25"

Released at the same time a 53mm 101a Durometer thin profile wheel.

July 22, 2014 by Matt Wells