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Foundation Skateboards was founded in 1989 by professional skateboarder Tod Swank. Long before his days with Foundation Skateboards, Swank grew up skating at the Del Mar Skate Ranch during the late 1970s. He was first sponsored by Gullwing Trucks and Sims Skateboards and ended up working with TWS as a staff photographer and writer. Swank finished with TWS in 1989 while he was riding for Canada's Skull Skates. Swank worked with Steve Rocco at World Industries for two years building up and trying to establish Foundation Skateboards, which was rough but worked. Today, Todd Swank is the founder of TumYeto, which he started in 1989, the company accredited with creating the motto, "By Skateboarders, For Skateboarders". He is still the owner, photographer and publisher at Foundation Skateboards. Swank was the first Senior Photographer at Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. His zine, Swank Zine, was also one of the first zines created to spawn the wave of underground Xeroxed press that kept communication in underground skateboarding alive in the 80s.

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