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August 28, 2013

Nike SB Project B.A.

The new Nike SB Project BA is a sneaker that’s immediately won over the core-skate crowd, as those who actually do SB’ing in their SB sneakers have gravitated towards the model. That comes as no surprise when you consider that Brian Anderson is a veteran skater who has no time for a silhouette oriented towards anything but the activity that earns him the big bucks. Elements aiding that goal include a thick Lunarlon padding for the insoles and a runner-inspired toe tailor made for Anderson’s flip-trick heavy style. Continue reading to get the official Nike INC take on the shoe and let us know if you think this is one of the best new Nike SB designs for 2013. Also, keep in mind that the shoes are starting to roll into retailers now a little ahead of their reported official release date of August 16th.


Few skateboarders can seamlessly blend the worlds of fashion, art and skate, but the NIke SB Project BA shoe shows that it’s second nature for Brain Anderson. His unmistakable style comes across in his first shoe design with Nike SB, the innovative Nike SB Project BA­­­.

Anderson is a time-tested giant in the industry known for his avant garde personality, unmistakable flip tricks and tendency to attack gaps and staircases with abandon. His style demands shoes that provide cushioning and precision control — features he was sure to include when designing the Nike SB Project BA. A drop-in Nike Lunarlon cushioning system muffles hard impacts while a low-profile cupsole is in keeping with the traditional skate shoe feel.

“With the Lunar cushioning you can jump down stairs all day.”

Lastly the running-inspired toe gives the Project BA a classic look. Not only does it stand out, it is perfect for nailing flip tricks.

“It’s different when you’re preparing to do a flip trick when you have that curved runner toe. It’s something that looks very runner, but it’s important that your heel sits low so it still feels like a skate shoe and you can feel your board.”

There will be two versions of the Nike SB Project BA; the standard and a premium version showing off his artistic side via his personal interpretation of the Swoosh and a cutout ankle for a less restrictive fit.

The Nike SB Project BA available in-store now!


Available online, free delivery $169.95!

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