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February 11, 2021

The difference between 'Classic' and 'Certified' helmets

Empire stocks the acclaimed skate protective safety helmet brand Protec. From bowls to half pipes, from skate parks to backyards, Pro-Tec has spent the last four decades listening to the needs of skaters all over the world, in order to create the best protection available. There are two standard levels of protection in the helmets, the Classic skate helmet, and the Certified skate helmet. Visually the two type of helmets look very similar but there are differences. The main difference in the foam inside the helmets. With the Classic helmet there is a 'Two-Stage Foam' which is very comfortable and lightweight. This is a helmet most skaters skate with.

The Certified skate helmet looks different in the inside of the helmet compared to the Classic skate helmet. It have a very hard foam called EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam, and is attached the the outer plastic of the helmet. There is a softer foam layer too, closer to the head for comfort. The Certified skate helmet has far greater protection, and some parts of America and the world require skaters to wear Certified helmets.

Check out ARF Presents: Certified vs Non-Certified Bicycle Helmet Impact Test below for the tremendous difference in protection between certified and non certified helmets.

ARF Presents: Certified vs Non-Certified Bicycle Helmet Impact Test from Athlete Recovery Fund on Vimeo.


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