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Ride the best. Ride Independent Trucks

Independent have created a time-tested lineage of smooth and indestructible skateboard trucks. Starting in 1978, they are seen as the gold standard for quality and performance.

Now at stage 11, their technology boasts a higher clearance on the kingpin and lighter overall weight without sacrificing durability. Your smith grinds won't be sticking with these suckers.

You'll find some of the biggest names in street and vert skating amongst their roster: Tony Hawk, Andrew Reynolds, Chris Joslin, Grant Taylor, Bucky Lasek, Milton Martinez and Lizzie Armanto - just to name a few. Seasonal pro colourways are available to add a bit of colour and support for your favourite skaters, or you can stay traditional and go raw.

Alongside their core offerings are a selection of high-end replacement parts and hardware, as well as hard-wearing apparel and accessories. With the robust nature of the brand, you can be sure to ride for a long time with Independent.
Empire Skate has a wide range of trucks, decks, wheels, bearingsand other skateboarding gear on offer. Our expertise and selection will make sure you ride away with the perfect setup - browse our collection now.