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Triumph & Disaster


Founded by former Black Cap Dion Nash. The right-arm fast-medium bowler with 93 international Test wickets to his name grew a passion for skincare having spent many long days in the field exposed to the elements of nature. After nearly a decade at the crease, Dion has traded the cricket whites and is the man behind New Zealand’s very own award-winning men’s grooming brand.

The Mission of Triumph & Disaster

Triumph & Disaster has one mission and that is to respect nature and utilise science to create skincare products that are not only naturally derived but are scientifically engineered to work all whilst making sure that they maintain an element of sustainability.

The Range of Triumph & Disaster Products

Triumph & Disaster have in recent years added to their range of products that now include not only skincare products such as the Logic Toner to their already stacked line up of skincare products that include the Ritual Face Cleanser, Game Face Moisturiser. Triumph & Disaster know that when it comes to building a skincare routine men have no idea where to start so they have convenient kits that give men somewhere to start their daily skincare routine.

It’s not just skincare that T&D has something to offer, they also have a range of grooming products chiefly the Coltrane Clay and Ponsonby Pomade. This is not just a supermarket Dax Wax alternative. This stuff is the business, it provides a solid but workable hold, smells amazing, and washes out easily in the shower. T&D also has a range of premium grooming accessories to make sure you make a good impression in that business meeting or on that tinder date.

Buy Your Triumph & Disaster Grooming Products at Empire Skate

Here at Empire Skate we are proud kiwis and we understand the importance of local business in making the world go round, we strive to support epic New Zealand brands and businesses wherever we can. We work closely with Dion and his team at T&D to ensure we always have your grooming and skincare necessities close at hand.

Buying from local suppliers like Triumph & Disaster and local stores like Empire Skate means we can have your goods sent anywhere in the country overnight unless of course, you live out in the wop-wops, then it might take a day or two longer but no matter where it’s going its always free.