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Empire Skate Stocks Nixon Watches & Accessories

Timepieces for the actively sophisticated.

Nixon shifts the idyllic prestige of watch-wearing into a new arena, providing a practicality and durability that the fun-loving are looking for. 

The lineup consists of sleek modern looks, traditional steel series and bolder aesthetic styles to accommodate all wearers.

Liven Up Your Outfit With A Nixon Watch

Get equipped with the most premium in the biz. Nixon have a timepiece to accommodate all walks of life, using technology to best utilise the functionality of each piece. The classic Sentry and Corporal ranges are elegantly metal-built with a 100m waterproof rating, whereas the 51-30 is your “bread and butter” chrono style.

These watches have been designed to hold up to knocks, as well as being ergonomically engineered to not intrude on the natural movements of your wrist. The result is a watch that will stay with you for life - giving new meaning to the word ‘timeless’. 

Here at Empire Skate, you’ll find a range of apparel and sneakers to match the same hard-wearing nature of Nixon watches. Get started with our men’s footwear range now.

Shop Online Now Free Shipping On Orders $99+

All Nixon watches are covered for free shipping. We have Laybuy and Afterpay options too, as well as hassle-free refunds. We also offer a generous rewards program to give back and help you on your way to get more surf and skate gear from us. Time’s a wastin - start browsing our full range now.