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July 14, 2021

Complete guide to Skateboarding at the Tokyo Olympics 2021


Women's Park Skating: Wednesday 4th August (Around 11:30am NZT)

Mens Park Skating: Thursday 5th August (Around 11:30am NZT)


05/08/21 Men's Park Skating 

Final Scores and Standings 

  1. Keegan Palmer (AUS) - 95.83
  2. Pedro Barros (Brazil) - 86.14
  3. Cory Juneau (USA) - 84.13
  4. L. Francisco (Brazil) - 83.14
  5. Kieran Wooley (AUS) 82.04
  6. S. Piniero (Puerto Rico) - 75.17
  7. V. Matheron (France) - 42.33
  8. Pedro Quintas (Brazil) 38.47

04/08/21 Women's Park Skating 

Final Scores and Standings:

  1. Sakura Yosozumi (Japan) - 60.09
  2. Kokona Hiraki (Japan) - 59.04
  3. Sky Brown (GBR) - 56.47
  4. Misugu Okamoto (Japan) - 53.58
  5. Poppy Olsen (AUS) - 46.04
  6. Bryce Wettstein (USA) - 44.50
  7. Dora Varella (Brazil) - 40.42
  8. Yndiara Asp (Brazil) - 37.34

26/07/21 Women's Street Skating:

Final Scores and Standings.

  1. M. Nishiya (Japan) - 15.26
  2. Rayssa Leal (Brazil) - 15.64
  3. F. Nakayama (Japan) 14.49
  4. Alexis Sablone (USA) - 13.57
  5. R. Zwetsloot (Netherlands) - 11.26
  6. W. Zeng (China) - 9.66
  7. M. Didal (Phillipines) - 7.52
  8. A. Nishimura (Japan) - 6.92


Full List of Scores from the prelims and finals are here 


25/07/21 Men's Street Skating:

Final Scores and Standings.  

  1. Yuto Horigome (Japan) - 37.18 
  2. Kelvin Hoefler (Brazil)  - 36.15
  3. Jagger Eaton (USA) - 35.35
  4. V. Milou (France) - 34.14
  5. A. Caro (Peru) - 32.87
  6. A. Giraud (France) - 29.09
  7. Nyjah Huston (USA) - 26.10
  8. G. Ribeiro (Portugal) - 15.05

Full List of Scores from the prelims and finals are here


General Guide 

For the first time in history skateboarding will be included in the Olympics. Skateboarding is one of five new sports to be added. It is set to be a momentous event that will be exciting to watch. So who will be competing? What are the categories? When do I need to turn in? Here's our guide to fill you in:

The Tokyo Olympics begins on Friday 23 July and finishes Sunday 8 August 2021. The skateboarding events run from 25 July to 5 August. They are held at the Ariake Urban Sports Park in Tokyo, Japan. There are four types of events with 80 competitors from all over the world.

The four competition events are: Men's Park, Men's Street, Women's Park and Women's Street.

What is 'Park' and 'Street' skateboarding?

Skateboarding emerged from Venice Beach, Los Angeles where the first skateboarders experimented skating in drained swimming pools. The smooth bowls with steep curved inclines meant skaters could achieve great height and create dynamic tricks. Like these early swimming pool beginnings the park competition will feature skateboarders in steep skate bowls, nearly vertical at the top. They will be marked on the difficulty of their mid air tricks; the height, speed, originality, execution, and composition. There are two rounds: prelims and finals.

In the street competition the course will resemble a real street. The skaters have a time limit in which they are free to choose whatever route they want and utilise the stairs, handrails, curbs, benches, walls, and slopes.

It is also made up of the two rounds. In the prelims, 20 skaters will first compete in four heats of five skaters. The first eight skaters from the combined ranking of the heats will progress to the finals. During each round the skaters will be performing two 45-second runs and then five best tricks on a selection of the obstacles. 

Judges will be scoring the athletes based on the speed, difficulty, originality, timing, stability and the overall flow of the performance. The judges will particularly be looking for the athlete's ability to seem suspended in midair. 

Park Judging: The highest and lowest scores for each run (or the jam session) are dropped, and the remaining three scores are averaged to two decimal numbers. The best scored run of each skater will count towards the competition round result.

Street JudgingThe highest and lowest judges' scores for each run or trick are dropped, and the remaining three scores are averaged to give a score for each run and each trick (seven scores). The best four scores from all seven attempts (runs and individual trick sections) will be added to establish the skater’s ‘overall’ score from that round.

Competition schedule

Sunday 25 July 2021

Start 9:00 (Japan Standard Time)

Finish 13:55

Men's Street Prelims Heats/Final

Monday 26 July 2021

Start 9:00

Finish 13.40

Women's Street Prelims Heats/Finals

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Start 9:00

Finish 13.40

Women's Park Prelims Heats/Final

Thursday 5 August 2021

Start 9:00

Finish 13.40

Men's Park Prelims Heats/Finals

Who are the skaters to watch for?

There will some exciting skaters to watch, Nyjah Huston (USA) is competing in the Men's Street (ranked Number 1 is World Skate standings), with Japan's Yuto Horigome and Sora Shirai. Brazil's Pamela Rosa is competing in the Women's Street. Keep you eye out for the young prodigies Sky Brown (Britain) and Poppy Starr Olsen (Australia). Sky is the youngest person ever to represent Britain at the Summer Olympics. Last year she suffered a serious head injury and broken wrist and hand after falling during a training session. Thankfully she has all set to compete in Tokyo.

How to watch the events?

Sky has secured the right to stream and broadcast the Tokyo Olympics. TVNZ is it's free-to-air partner, which will be streaming the Olympics for 12 hours per day each afternoon and evening.

Sky brown skaterSky Brown (GBR)


Nyjah HustonNyjah Huston (USA)


Pamela Rosa
Pamela Rosa (BRA)


Sora ShiraiSora Shirai (JPN)

Shane skatingShane O'Neil (AUS)

Yuto skating
Yuto Horigome (JPN)

 If you're looking to get in on some action, you can enter our very own Empire Games Skate Clip Competition here!

For an in-depth look into skateboarding in the Olympics check out the video below:

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